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Product Art

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A new form of design I got to work on at SKLZ is product art. Often times product art is decorative, but sometimes it is functional. One of the more fun and explorative designs I got to work on was for a plastic baseball set- in other words a whiffle ball set.

Alias Bat (Initially Big Leaguer)

Design Comps

The direction for this piece was it needed to appeal to players from 10 - college age. The design needed to be competitively styled with real bat graphics. We decided to move forward with the white bat base concept, Comp 4 and last one in view.


Package Development

Along with the bat graphics, it was important to figure out how the package was going to be delivered, initiating a study of how the ball would be attached.

360 TEE

One of SKLZ staple products is the 360ยบ Tee. When it came time for product and brand update, this was one of my first projects. It was important to have the design be minimal and not distracting to the batter. Production cost was also a factor. 

Design Comps

Previously it was a red lower tee shaft, and a similar product had a blue tee shaft. The color scheme of the product was an update that had to be brand aligned. The color scheme was designed to work with a base level product (360 Tee) and the higher grade product had a slightly different color scheme. 

The final design is subtle, but brand aligned; sharp and emphasis' the product feature. 


This products is one whose art was completely functional. An update to the design was needed because of licensing issues. The initial product art is first. The art needed to keep directional and stroke length guides at the same distance. The style needed to be 'sklz-ified'. 

The artwork needed to change through material and process developments. It was learned that the ball traveling over the graphic would effect the speed and path of the ball. Final direction was there needed to be as little graphic in the ball path. The graphics still needed to convey club direction and stroke guides. Below is the final artwork on the product .