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Classic + Modern Wedding Invitation

Monogram options provided

Wedding invitations are my favorite type of design project. A couple years back, my friends were getting married left and right. One friend in particular was a friend of mine through design school. So for them, I designed their wedding invitations as my wedding gift. Lesson learned- thats a really expensive wedding gift and I will purchase gifts now. 

They wanted a very modern, classic but unique invitation suite. Their wedding colors were white and black, with gold. We started with the wax seal (due to production time). I produced a lot of design samples and styles. 

Final monogram stamp rendering

Next step was to figure out the format and design of the invitation. Wedding invitations have a multitude x 10 of options for formats. With the content they provided, it was going to be best to do some form of multiple cards. 

They decided to go with the pocket card format. So onto the design! In identifying they wanted a modern, simple yet timeless design, the type is what would be dominating the design. Accents of foil were used as extra flare.

Finally we landed on the design seen below. They went with gold foil (as opposed to silver seen in the comps) that was hit only on the title of the cards, and their names on the main invitation card. Pardon the photography quality, as it' taken from my Galaxy 7.

Final Design