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Put it on paper


Another year is here, and another list on resolutions/goals. As many years have gone by with a brief thought of sticking to the resolutions, I figured if I put them down on 'paper', and set a timeline, these would be more resolute goals than a fleeting idea. 

First thing on my plate this year is to finish my mini portfolio and start getting them out. I have committed to sacrificing my weekend social time this month in order have these finished by the end of January. Ive made a list and planned out what I need to do to finish it. I have plotted to have them ready to send out by first of February. Lets stick with it and make it happen!

Second thing, as with most peoples new years resolutions- lose weight, get more in shape. Next question is how do i intend to do that... I would like to make a go at running in the mornings before work. I found an article about how to do this. Ill start this weekend. Also I want to start building a week workout plan. Every Sunday, plot out what exercise routine I need to do that week.  Ive added a note to my calendar to do this every Sunday. 

For a gaining enrichment sort of goal, Ive been making a pinterest board of cool things to create. I resolve to make one of things things a month. Ive already selected a few and noted them in my to do task app. Next Wednesday, Im going to make a braided tshirt scarf. Ill probably post these to instagram or something. 

I would like to have some travel goal, but I think this year will be a new building year. So travel will have to come after things have moved differently. 

Well thats a lot to do this year.  Heres to the resolve to stick with them!

Rachel Schmidgall