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Rachel Czarnecki

/ zar-neck-ee /

My days are filled with creative pursuits from illustration, pen and ink doodles or working my way through my list of home decor projects. Outside of art, my biggest passions are music, seeking adventure and ogling classic cars.

Raised in the Boulder foothills on the Rocky Mountains, I moved to San Diego for art school. There I found a love of skateboarding and making any excuse to get to the beach. My design experience started there with a small design agency, and spanned industries of corporate design and sporting goods.

After a dozen years of perfect weather (and a trip to Michigan in the fall) I felt the pull for living in a place with seasons. In 2015 we relocated to the PNW - Portland, Oregon. The vast amounts of beautiful places to explore often takes up my weekends by hiking, kayaking, snowboarding or just chillin by the river. Gaining experience from some staple Portland companies, providing in-house brand design development with 2D and 3D branding projects, added unique and comprehensive knowledge to my design spectrum.

I am a very curious, gregarious, and creative person. I love working in design because of the constant creative challenges. By making a living through graphic design, I get to put art to work.