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About me

I love awesome design. I’m an innovative thinker, designer and adventure seeker that brings ideas to life.

Brand identities, typography, and innovative print design are just a couple of the things that tickle my fancy. While I do enjoy rambling through the forest and a delicious Cherry Garcia, I get more kicks in telling stories through captivating graphics coupled with creative messaging – designs that really make you stop and look.

I have over 10 years professional experience in designing

  • identity & branding

  • print collateral

  • advertising & campaigns

  • retail spaces

  • apparel

My days are filled with creative pursuits, I fill life running, hiking, skating, listening to great music and ogling cars. Together these carve out my unique perspective that is entertaining and stimulating.  

Knock Knock...

Please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to say whose there ;)

Rachel Czarnecki
P:  (503) 683-3087


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