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Design Bucket List Item

(Eventually I want to get these photographed proper, and my life goal is to get my own wedding invite company going. Until then, these photographs will work to shed just a little light on them. I'll do them proper at some time in the future. )

Since wedding invitations are a passion of mine, I can honestly this was the thing I was looking forward to designing out of my whole wedding. Once this one done, everything else was a piece of cake. 

Themes + Concepts

One of the hardest parts of this invitation was having it feel like it represented my husband and myself. While my husband is a manly, punk rock, construction worker, that aesthetic doesn't work well for wedding design. The theme of our wedding was combining art and nature. I decided this would be accomplished through architectural aspects of geometry tied in with nature elements. Another part that was difficult was finding a script font that suited both of us. Neither of us is a frilly, pretty type of person. Our colors were green and purple. You can see more of our theme through these pieces I made for my bridesmaids. 

My Wedding Invitation Suite

Like an old-school design nerd, I found most of the images from botanical books and scanned them at the library. The flowers on the black cards were purchased from stock site.  More info is included when clicking, and to view larger,

Other items made for the wedding

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