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Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid: noun
1. A women who is a friend in every way. A sister from another mister. The sisters you choose. A special person who is asked to share in the brides big day.

In January I finally got to produce my first wedding piece. I saw a cute project as gifts to ask your friends to be bridesmaids. Since all my bridesmaid will be traveling the height of this nation, I wanted to give them something special to show I appreciate this and them. My ladies had already started to ask questions regarding the details of the wedding, so this piece was delivered at just the right time to answer their questions. 

This project was in essence a concept board for my wedding. I used it as a means to execute and plan the style of my day. The theme I am developed for our wedding is mixing nature and geometry. I think this will couple together Kenny and my style, between nature and art. 

Concept & Layout

This project being a minor piece for the wedding, my budget was small, only $50. With mailing this size of piece, half my budget was for s&h. Only needing to produce 4 also helped with the materials needed, as well as the time needed for assembly. 4 is much less work than producing 50+, as I have done with other invitation sort pieces. 

Bridesmaid Special Delivery

I found a clear, hinged box from Container Store that size was perfect, 6x6 in. The outside envelope was cut out of colored art paper. I found an envelope template, resized it and made them myself. I was able to make my own interior pocket to hold the cards and photos. The interior cards were printed on a cream cardstock I already had. The copper elastic cord was a great sparkle to the piece. I thought the color of the fern, as well as the light purple flowers, added such a great touch of color and texture. 

Each bridesmaid was gifted a nail polish that echoed the purple in the wedding color palette. This would help in when shopping for their bridesmaid dress. Each also received a cute photo of them and myself as a momento. 


The papers included information for the bridal party; dress details, decor ideas, colors, etc. I delivered this in a tri-fold, custom pocket card. On the cover, is a dictionary style layout, with first meaning being my bridesmaid description. Opening the card was a second meaning note, delivering the question to the Bridesmaid. 

The card pocket help a small glassine envelope and several cards. The cards delivered a note of gratitude for my bridesmaids, details for them and their part in the wedding, and wedding details. I also found cute pictures of each bridesmaid and I as a special momento. 

The whole gift came together so nice, and with a strong point of view. I was able to crank these out in just one Sunday while watching some football :). 

I also made a special gift for the Groomsmen that I'll post once it goes out.